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SFA holds vigil for student-athletes who died after crash

'It’s just crazy having them gone. It’s just hard,' friends remember SFA students in a vigil.

NACOGDOCHES, Texas — It was an emotional night on the campus of Stephen F. Austin State University as the community gathered to remember the lives of Micah McAfoose and Graylan Spring – two student-athletes who left an impact on and off the field.

"I couldn’t imagine having a better roommate, I mean he’d be messy sometimes, but he would always clean up," said Seth Broadwell, McAfoose's roommate. 

Broadwell said McAfoose was always the life of the party.

"You knew when he was coming, you wanted him in the room. He was just that guy who lit everyone’s hearts up," Broadwell said. 

McAfoose was best known as the class clown, always trying to make everyone smile and laugh, even with what he wore.

"Micah would wear his fish shoes across campus. And he almost wore them to Benita one time. He had a Shrek shirt, a Minnie Mouse sweatshirt. It was the attire for me," said Lizzie Denyer, McAfoose's friend. 

Denyer said McAfoose would always be around in the friend circle. 

"I met Micah five months ago, but I feel like I’ve known him my whole life," Denyer said. 

"Be kind, that’s one thing about Graylan I know is that he was kind to everybody," said SFA head football coach, Colby Carthel. 

"And Graylan, just how kind he was to everyone. He just had a heart of gold and you can just tell," Denyer said. 

For Madison Morrow, it’s the small things that she’ll miss the most.

"Graylan would come in our room and we would throw popcorn parties. We thought we were so cool literally in college," Morrow said.

From popcorn parties to dance parties, McAfoose and Spring had a good time.

"Micah and Graylan...I’ve never seen them dance and so whether they knew it or not that last dance was pretty amazing," said Morrow. 

"He was just so happy, go-lucky and optimistic and he was just loved by so many people and I'm so grateful that were so close to Micah," said Nic Grullon, friend of the athletes. 

They were all lucky to have known McAfoose and Spring

"It’s just crazy having them gone. It’s just hard," Grullon said. 

Though they may be gone, their memories will live on forever through their friends’ stories.

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