A north Texas artist hopes bystander's video will help find the woman responsible for damaging her art work Thursday night.

Gretchen Goetz is the creator of the "4 Door Gallery" that sits at the corner of Fort Wort and Sylvan avenues in west Dallas. Sometimes described as a small house on a hill, the 4 Doors Gallery is actually meant to become a small art gallery comprised of a roof and just four doors.

This week, a bystander recorded an unidentified woman shattering the plexiglass windows and doing other damage to the doors.

"I would like to ask her: Why did you do that?" Goetz asked. "I was heartsick. I really was."

On the video, the woman is seen appearing to try to tear down another art piece nearby. She eventually walks away with a small dog on a leash.

Goetz says she doesn't know the woman. The incident has been reported to police, but so far there's been no update.

Now there are discussions about whether to move the display to another location.