Within hours of the massacre in Sutherland Springs, information about the shooter spread like wildfire on social media.

Our VERIFY team looked into three of the biggest headlines.

First, people on Facebook claim the gun Devin Kelley used was an automatic weapon.

"As far as the rifle goes, the Ruger 556, ATF firearms expert examined that firearm yesterday all indications are that that is not a fully automatic weapon. That is a semi-automatic weapon," ATF special agent, Fred Milanowski revealed.

So, we can VERIFY, no, the gun Kelley used was not an automatic weapon.

Second, was Kelley a member of Antifa? Antifa is short for "anti-fascist," and it's comprised of left-leaning anti-racist groups that monitor neo-Nazi activities.

This headline originated on a fake news site Your News Wire, which has a track record of publishing fake stories.

"We have no reason to believe this crime was politically motivated or motivated based on religious beliefs," said Freeman Martin, regional director of the Department of Public Safety.

And Antifa United says the photo Your News Wire used was taken from a story on its website.

So, no, right now we can say Kelley wasn't a member of Antifa.

Lastly, was Kelley on the Democratic National Committee payroll? This rumor comes from FreedomJunkshun.com, another fake news website. So, we called up the DNC.

"This is completely and wholeheartedly not true and it is disgusting to even suggest it," said Sabrina Singh, the DNC's deputy communications drector. "We need to be focused on the grieving families and our hearts are with them during this difficult time."

We can VERIFY, no, Kelley wasn't on the DNC payroll.

Fred Milanowski, Special Agent in Charge, ATF
Freeman Martin, Regional Director, Department of Public Safety
Sabrina Singh, Deputy Communications Director, Democratic National Committee