DALLAS -- Simply put, tornadoes are scary.

"I believe everyone can relate to the power of wind, and I believe everyone can relate to the imagery," said Greg Waller, Hydrologist

That leads us to our question -- Is flooding deadlier than a tornado?

For the answer, we turned to an expert. Greg Waller is a hydrologist who also looked at the data compiled by the National Weather Service. "Generally speaking flooding causes more deaths and can create more damage," Waller said.

The numbers back him up. According to the National Weather Service in 2016 alone, more than seven times as many people were killed by flooding than tornados.

So what gets people into trouble? Simply put, they don't turn their vehicle around when they should.

"Doesn't matter the size of the vehicle I say this -- the Titanic was a very large vessel the titanic floated and eventually and it sank, so can your high profile SUV," Waller said.

With that, we can verify, yes, it's true floods are deadlier than tornados.

"With that information in hand -- there are definite steps you can take to keep yourself safe --especially as conditions are expected to get worse into the evening. The weather service urges you to keep your eye tuned to the weather and never drive over roads if you cant see the lane markings.