Turns out kids aren't the only ones in Texas who hate standardized testing. They're unpopular with many parents, teachers and administrators.

So, are we too focused on standardized testing?

First, let's look at public opinion research. It's pretty ugly.

A 2016 report for the Texas Board of Education collected feedback across the state. It found that Texans believe we have too many tests, schools are spending too much time preparing for the state assessments, and too much class time working on the preparation.

In this national survey of 3,300 teachers, 62 percent said they spend too much time prepping kids for state-mandated tests.

A report from the Council on Great City Schools found kids take too many tests, many of questionable value.

But what about student achievement? Well, districts offer a lot incentives for schools that can deliver high scores

One report from the National Academies looked at that system of rewards-and-punishments and found they, "have not consistently generated positive effects on student achievement."

Based on all this evidence -- there is consensus that kids have too many standardized tests.