Our Verify team is tackling holidays.

It seems like we hear it every day: “Today is National Donut Day,” or “It’s National Say Something Nice Day,” or “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”

So are these days official? Our fact checkers did some digging and found there is an official keeper of such days.

It’s Chase’s Calendar of Events, an almanac-type book that is published every year. You can also submit ideas for days to them.

But not all national days end up there. The website NationalDayCalendar.com is the most extensive.

Anyone can submit a holiday there, but not all requests are approved. In fact, they get about 10,000 ideas submitted each year, and only about 20 get through.

So, we can verify anyone can make holiday, and there is an official process to get it done.

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National Day Calendar

Chase's Calendar of Events


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