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Just Checking In: East Tennessee horse whisperer Mike Branch

10News anchor Russell Biven is "checking in" with East Tennessee favorites as we all find ways to stay connected during the pandemic.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A call with an old friend or family member can really brighten your day, especially in times like these. It is so easy to feel alone, but just hearing their voice can make you feel so much better. 

That's why 10News anchor Russell Biven is "checking in" on East Tennessee favorites during the morning news.

On Wednesday, he checked in remotely with world-renowned horse whisperer, Mike Branch, who happens to be right here in East Tennessee. 

The pair met back in 2009 when Biven traveled out to Grainger County to assist Branch in breaking a wild mustang. 

Branch specializes in taming mustangs all over the world. 

He is not only a whisperer with horses, but he also began sharing his principles in corporate America. Branch said he uses the principles of horse training to teach lessons on leadership. 

Russell and Branch developed a relationship that is over 10 years strong, calling each other family. Biven even still keeps up with a pocket knife that Branch gave to him, keeping it in the same spot every morning to remind him of Branch and to be a leader within himself.  

During these uncertain times, Branch said that faith is getting him through. He said, "I'm in the word daily, I'm praying daily. I'm relying on my faith in God." 

Check-in with your loved ones today. Write a letter to an old friend, or call them up on the phone. You never know what just checking in could bring. 

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