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Upset with your school or district's TEA grade? Here are your options.

Now that the TEA letter grades for schools and districts across Texas are out, here's what you can do if you don't like your child's school's grade.

HOUSTON — After the Texas Education Agency released its list of grades for schools and districts across Texas Thursday, many parents started asking what they could do if they were unhappy with the scores their children's schools' received.

There are many options, but some are time and cost-prohibitive, such as private school, homeschooling, or applying for a charter or magnet school.

Parents can ask for their child to be transferred to another school in the same district, or to a different district entirely, according to the TEA's website.

"Generally, a child must attend the school district in which he or she resides. School districts can make transfer agreements to accept each others' students," according to the website.

The Texas Education Code, Chapter 29, Subchapter G, provides for the Public Education Grant (PEG) program. 

"Under this provision, a child who attends a school that does not meet specific performance criteria may seek to attend another public school in the district. The child can also use a public education grant to attend a district other than  the district in which the student resides," the website reads.

The PEG program sets the guidelines, rules, and thresholds schools must follow or meet in order to be eligible for a child to transfer. You can find that information here.

One of those criteria, for example, is that a school must get an 'F' grade in both student achievement and school progress in order for a school to be eligible for students to ask for a transfer, but there are more criteria than just that.

TEA's website said the receiving school district may charge a tuition fee if the child is changing districts.