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UPDATE: Vasquez found guilty on all four charges

The former San Angelo Police Chief has been found guilty on one count of bribery and three counts of honest service mail fraud.

LUBBOCK, Texas — UPDATE (10 a.m. Friday): Timothy Vasquez was booked into the Terry County Jail at 4:59 p.m. Thursday, March 25. 

Credit: Terry County Jail

Vasquez will remain in custody until his sentencing, according to the United States District Court, Northern District of Texas. 

UPDATE (9:30 a.m. Friday): “Law enforcement officers, particularly those in leadership positions, should be bastions of integrity. By accepting bribes, Mr. Vasquez defiled his badge,” U.S. Attorney Chad Meacham said in a press release from the US Attorney's Office. “The Justice Department is determined to root out public corruption wherever we find it. Our citizens deserve honest public servants.”

“Mr. Vasquez will now be held accountable for using his official position for financial gain at the expense of the residents of San Angelo. Each act of greed and dishonor affected fundamental aspects of the government processes and procedures that were designed to benefit the people they serve,” Dallas FBI Special Agent in Charge Matthew J. DeSarno said. “Our communities should not have to question the integrity and trust of public officials, and today’s verdict is a step in restoring that confidence.”

UPDATE (4 p.m. Thursday) - After being found guilty by a jury in federal court, Tim Vasquez was remanded into the custody of US Marshals.

The schedule for sentencing should be sent Thursday, the judge said.

UPDATE (3:17 p.m. Thursday) - Sentencing will not be held immediately.

Judge Hendrix will set a scheduling order sentencing that will include a presentencing report by a probation officer.

Hendrix advised Vasquez that he has the right to have an attorney present when he is interviewed by the officer and strongly suggested he obtain one.

The probation officer will then report and advise the judge their recommendation for sentencing, and there will be a hearing prior to sentencing where both the US attorneys and defense can present.

The defense has asked that Vasquez remain on supervised release, but the US Attorney's Office said they have information that he may be a flight risk.

Both sides will meet with Hendrix in chambers, and Hendrix will then make a schedule for sentencing.

UPDATE (2:30 p.m. Thursday) - Vasquez has been found guilty on one count of bribery and three counts of honest service mail fraud. 

Attorneys for both sides are going into chambers to meet with Judge Hendrix to discuss whether Vasquez is a flight risk and should be taken into custody.

Haag said he has information that Vasquez could potentially be a flight risk that he did not disclose in open proceedings.

UPDATE (5:08 p.m. Wednesday) - Jury will continue deliberations Thursday morning.

UPDATE (3:20 p.m. Wednesday) - Jury is now deliberating the fate of former SAPD police chief.

Tim Vasquez, former San Angelo Police Chief, took the stand in his federal trial Wednesday. Vasquez is charged with one count of bribery and three counts of honest service mail fraud.

Vasquez said his band and the Dailey & Wells radio system had nothing to do with one another.

He told the court his job as a police officer and as a member of the band, RU Ready, in the 1990s were kept separately from each other. Vasquez said while playing with Oklahoma band, the Easy Money Band, he had the opportunity to leave his job as an officer and tour after being approached by band member Toby Keith.

Additionally, Vasquez said, in about 1995-1996, he was playing with Shane Stockton for eight months, and as the band was about to tour with George Strait, he decided to stay with the SAPD and be a "weekend warrior" for financial reasons.

When his defense team asked why Vasquez didn't complete a form about a conflict of interest related to his band, Funky Munky, being paid for performances by Dailey & Wells, which had been awarded a contract with the City of San Angelo, Vasquez said, "I didn't know about the form. I didn't know until I got arrested that there was a conflict of interest."

Vasquez told the court he never hid that Funky Munky played gigs for Dailey & Wells.

Vasquez became emotional when asked by his defense if he knew then what he knows now, would that have changed things.

He tearfully said after everything he's gone through - "I would've filled out that form. I would have filled out the conflict of interest paperwork that I didn't know existed."

Vasquez's testimony continued as he was cross-examined by the prosecution.

He said his whole band became close to DWC president Richard Wells and his wife, who treated Vasquez and band members and associates to San Antonio Spurs games in luxury suites, sometimes with overnight accommodations; Dallas Cowboys tickets in luxury suites; and a Journey concert in a luxury suite in San Antonio.

Vasquez maintained the city council and San Angelo city officials should have known about his gigs with DWC. He said he didn't receive training on the code to report extra earnings, about $2,500.

He said he wasn't trying to be sneaky or underhanded by not reporting the gigs or the income and that the fees were justified.

"We weren't just a little cover party band. We were, by far, the best band around."

Vasquez said he didn't believe having his band play for DWC was illegal.

"They were not connected. I had my chief of police hat. I had my head Munky hat," Vasquez said. "I had in my heart that was the best system for the City. They're not connected."

During cross-examination, Vasquez said he didn't know he had underreported income on his 2013 and 2014 tax returns until an employee at his tax office told him.

"Dailey & Wells is your best customer, aren't they," Assistant US Attorney Jeffery Haag asked.


Vasquez repeated he never disclosed Funky Munky gigs to council because he thought they knew.

"I thought everyone did know. I didn't hide it. Everybody knew what the chief of police's band was doing."

Testimony for the defense will commence at approximately 1 p.m. Wednesday.

If convicted, Vasquez faces 70 years in prison.

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