Think you’ve had a tough month? Consider the Simmons family.

That is Gabrielle Monique Simmons, daughter of rural Mississippi, single mother of 6 who sees Dallas as a shining city on a hill.

So much so she moved here for better life for those kids and she found it, a job, a place to live -- soon marriage to the father of those children.

That new job: within walking distance of her new apartment, just across the street from the kids’ school, so you could call her blessed.

In a neighborhood where violence runs rampant, it was for Gabrielle, her family, a stranger…nowhere to be found.

Oh, she knew crime was out there, but mercifully, it had passed them by.

That’s why when a gunman burst into her store earlier this month, pointed his loaded pistol, demanded all the cash… Gabrielle did not hesitate to cooperate. She had her kids to live for. The money was not worth her life.

But the gunman disagreed.

Shot once by him, Gabrielle died at Baylor Medical Center.

Leaving all of us to ponder: just how does an eleven-year-old, the oldest of 6, explain to his siblings the death of their mother?

That "No, Momma won’t be back in the morning... next week... or next year?"

Or that the person, charged with killing her is only 4 years older than the oldest among them?

Just a few of the many questions now contemplated in six young minds.

A tough month indeed.