There was another tragedy last Sunday, this, not in a church…but online.

In this one, the whole world watched as the weapon-wielding assailants inflicted their verbal “damage.”

Within minutes of the final shots in Sutherland Springs, fake news “bloodhounds” busied themselves firing off phony posts and tweets, adding nothing but confusion to an unfolding nightmare.

Some claimed the shooter was a KKK Grand Cyclops named Samuel Hyde. They even provided a picture. Another said the shooter’s name was indeed Sam Hyde, but a different Sam Hydde. Both tweets were lies, but that didn’t matter. It never did. The goal of these posters was confusion, not truth.

Fearmongers were busy posting as well. Some claimed the gunman was a Muslim convert. Another called him a member of the anti-fascist “Antifa” movement. None of that was true.

Even law enforcement was not spared. Some wondering how it was that the FBI got to tiny Sutherland Springs so quickly. Was it all part of a cover up? Was the shooting all a lie, someone else asked alleging the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas was also part of a government plot?

There were a few who attempted to point out that the FBI’s field office in nearby San Antonio was perhaps 30 minutes away, even closer if the bureau took advantage a marvelous invention called a helicopter. The fake news posters were not convinced.

You see, some people must make everything a dramatic conspiracy. It’s not enough that children were killed that a small Texas town will never be the same.

For the fake news bloodhounds, a story is not a story unless there’s as little bit of online confusion, hate and bigotry sprinkled in… all of which, they’re more than happy to provide.