Most people agree Harvey Weinstein’s shocking Hollywood exploits are beyond the pale.

Who’s qualified to apply the first lash in this public flogging over rape and sexual misconduct?

The political left must be careful Weinstein contributed millions to their causes…their voices were among the last to join the growing chorus against him.

Among them: Hollywood’s elite, who apparently heard whispers for years but said nothing.

Then there are pro-athletes who’ve taken a noble stand against police abuse but are not so outspoken on domestic abuse allegations plaguing some among them.

Despite more than 50 women complaining, many in the minority community still come to the defense of Bill Cosby

Then there’s us in the media, who still have no good answer for why so many earlier media probes into abuse complaints about the prominent rarely seem to make it on air or be published.

But by the same token, conservatives can say little. They quickly forget Denny Hastert and their continued defense of Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly.

And churches, populists and nationalists can say little since they pushed aside abuse complaints against the president who would never have been elected without their strong support.

Truth is there’s enough blame to go around…

Our pursuit of money, power, fame at any price -- our media injecting sex into every program no matter what the hour, all contributed to where we are.

We none of us encouraged these abusers, but our silence up until now has done little to discourage them.