This holiday season we're learning once again that despite all the divisiveness in the news, the meanness you see or read about on social media that most people are good and if given the chance to do something good or right, jump at the opportunity.

Up in Denton, attorney Rodney Ware with six kids of his own told the 'Morning News he wanted to end any concern a student might have that they wouldn't be able to eat lunch at Strickland Middle School.

He made a call, found out the unpaid lunch bill at Strickland for this semester is $350 and wrote a check to pay it off -- not to help his kids, who have plenty to eat but to help other youngsters.

In Mineral Wells, an anonymous donor did the same thing at an elementary school there. That gesture was shared in social media and guess what: people and businesses started calling other schools in the district and paying off school balances.

It's been a tough year at times we've seemed at each other's throats over the smallest of things. But day in, day out, small acts of kindness take place and because they're so common or because people don't want any publicity, largely get ignored.

With one gesture, Rodney Ware in Denton and countless others in Mineral Wells, have told young people living in homes going through difficult circumstances: this is what Christmas is all about, not the presents you get, but the unexpected blessings you give.