We don't have a crazy criminal segment, but as the video link explains, sometimes people do something so foolish. You can't help but wish we did.

In Houston, John Bell tried to rob a store called “Latino Cellular.”

He meant business, came in armed with a pistol. Once employees and customers saw it, they wasted no time making their exit.

However, the whole time they were leaving, good old John Bell, determined to get the cash, never noticed they took off and locked the doors behind them with him inside.

Bell worked fast.

It took him just 45 seconds to barge in, take the money and prepare to make his getaway or should I say try to make his getaway.

When he pushed the door, Bell instantly noticed, it wouldn't budge. He then backed up and ran into the door more than once, still no escape. Bell even pulled out his pistol and tried shooting his way out, all to no avail.

All of it was captured on videotape. Bell pacing back and forth and getting more nervous, then putting the money back and pleading with the employees and passers-by standing outside to open the doors and help him.

Finally, John Bell fell to his knees, praying, apologizing.

It was humorous and tragic all at the same time: a grown man learning, with all of us watching, that crime does not pay, but also discovering with the arrival of arresting police officers, that prayers really are answered but not always in the way we expect.