There has been so much bad news this week, the stock market troubles, allegations of domestic abuse by now a former White House staffer, and of course, the killing of Richard Police Officer David Sherrard and civilian Rene Gamez. I thought we’d spend a few seconds on something uplifting.

When SpaceX launched its falcon heavy rocket this week, it was like a breath of fresh air. America is back where it should, pushing the envelope in the exploration of space.

Technically we never left, but something about the falcon heavy launch and cheering of the SpaceX staff members, and the image of 2 of the boosters returning perfectly next to each back at Cape Canaveral...gave, if only for a moment, a sense that not all things in life have gone off the deep end.

True, the core booster had trouble, but the mission itself was still an absolute success.

I have always believed it is in the destiny of some nations to do great things, and for me, this country, like it or not, should be not just in space, but leading space exploration.

That’s what happened this week.

Without bragging, we got that American scientific swagger back.

Even now, a generation after the last American returned from the moon, no other in country in all of human history has landed a person there, let along brought them back.

Now we’ve sent a car off mars.

Space travel is expensive. It is dangerous, but it should be ours to master and our destiny to lead the rest of world in exploring all that is out there.

No brag… just fact.