You have to wonder sometimes if the world truly is falling apart. 

The 2 major political parties...having long ago abandoned the middle and working class at each other’s throats. 

Entertainers like singer R Kelly…actor Kevin Spacey still popular…despite mounting allegations of sexual violence. 

You’ve got to wonder. But just as you start to lose faith…. you come across this. 

This is Milwaukee… that is a toddler running barefoot down the street in only a “onesie” and a diaper. Temperatures that December day: below freezing, no adult in sight.

Until a bus driver on the job comes across this impending disaster and…not on her watch. 

Irina Ivic knows neither the girl nor her parents, just knows this child’s life could end in minutes unless she does something, which she did.

Stopping her bus, leaving passengers inside, running across the street and scooping the crying, shivering toddler up in her arms.

And the good news goes on. Once on the bus...passengers pitch in.

Milwaukee in winter is no place to be without a coat, so another stranger gives the child hers and within minutes, warm...comforted…the little girl falls asleep in the arms of Irina until authorities arrive.

Turns out the mother suffers from mental illness and left the child outside. This evening, the toddler is safe with dad.

But she wouldn’t be there if not for Irina Ivic...the other strangers on that bus who decided standing and doing nothing but complaining was not an option.