What a harrowing week Texas has been through.

And now with the rain gone but the water remaining, thousands still homeless, property damage still being totaled. We finally have a chance to reflect on what the Lone Star state has survived.

Mark my words: In the next few days, politicians will start claiming credit and pointing fingers, whose advice fell on deaf ears, who didn’t act quickly enough.

Forget them.

The real heroes of this past week have been people with no names who showed up on the edge of the floodwater with their own boats, their own dump trucks to help.

…citizens who despite losing their own homes and possessions drove into the danger and lifted people they never met to safety…

…who followed their own hearts into the swollen streets of communities like Rockport and Katy, paddled across Lake Conroe, waded into Houston, plucking everyone they could from the fast moving ponds and streams that were once streets and boulevards.

Ordinary people who set aside rhetoric for rescue focused on fighting nature instead of each other.

Looking for Harvey’s heroes? Forget those pontificating politicians and shiny celebrities. Try the neighbors who came before being called, the strangers who showed up in the nick of time, the first responders, lifesavers whose faces we’ll always remember with names you’ll never know.

What we learned about each other in those moments when nothing else mattered should not be lost.

Harvey was a monster, but he also was a teacher with a very clear lesson: sometimes it takes the worst of moments to see people in their finest hour.