This summer, an attack of lunacy seems to have taken hold.

Every time you turn around, someone is raging; taking their frustrations out on strangers and claiming they were threatened or slighted in some way in which they must retaliate.

That’s not new, but lately, the perpetrators aren’t even waiting to get to court to admit, yes, they did it and they had a good reason.

Take the recent DART train beating.One man pummeled to unconsciousness by several others just for asking them to stop smoking.

It was all caught on video so it didn’t take long to round up some of the attackers, even less time for one of them to admit it and say he’d do it again.

He claims the victim attacked one of his brothers so he was simply defending family.

Then there’s this guy, who during an apparent road rage incident, pulled out a pistol and waved it at another driver.

His picture was splashed everywhere. He showed up at the Lancaster police station saying that was him but he thought the other driver had a weapon so that made it OK for him to pull out his.

The only “shooting” the other driver did was that video of him. Her “weapon” was a cellphone.

What gives? Everybody’s on a hair trigger. It’s as if all the crazy mean things we see written on social media are things people now want to do in real life.

We’ve become a nation of trash talkers bent not on pursuing justice or patience but belittling anyone we can.

How about we all take a deep breath, for that matter two deep breaths, and instead looking for a little leadership. Try to provide some of our own, in what we say, how we react.

It might not save our country but sure might inject a little sanity into what seems a rapidly deteriorating world.

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