On Friday night at ParkwayHills Baptist Church in Plano, we saw a community in shock. Friends and classmates had gathered there to pray for Stacy Fawcett’s family members as they go through a terrible tragedy.

It was similar to the large showing on the Plano West campus where Josiah Utu was a junior. Hundreds of students exchanged hugs and sobbed as they remembered one of their classmates.

"Everybody had known him. This morning there were probably 150 kids just gathered around dealing with his death," said Jens Swieter, a friend.

Friends mourn the loss of Josiah Utu at Plano West High School Friday.
Friends mourn the loss of Josiah Utu at Plano West High School Friday.

Plano Police say Stacy Fawcett, a contributor at WFAA and a single mom of two kids, was stabbed to death by her older son, McCann Utu. McCann would also turn the knife on his brother Josiah and then on himself.

Stacy's brother, Scott Fawcett, came to the prayer gathering. He spoke candidly with News 8 about his nephew's struggles.

"McCann suffered some severe head traumas. Eighteen months ago, first at a basketball game," Scott said.

Scott told us McCann had concussed a second time in a confrontation with another student. Scott wishes the school district and the other student's family had done more to help.

McCann Utu (left) and his younger brother, Josiah
McCann Utu (left) and his younger brother, Josiah

"He had just completely mentally dwindled away," he said.

The uncle said he really saw McCann spiral 12 months ago. McCann didn't show up to his own 18th birthday party. The uncle also says he drastically lost weight and was getting psychiatric and concussion therapy.

"His brain will absolutely show CTE, the same thing the NFL does," the uncle said.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, is a disease linked to repeated brain trauma and associated with symptoms such as memory loss, depression and progressive dementia. The disease can only be diagnosed posthumously.

Most who had gathered at the church were not concerned about the why or the how of the tragedy. They were there to heal.

"You have to draw the circle not around yourself or around this circumstance but around the community. We have to come together and that's what God can do," said Pastor Sam Dennis of ParkwayHills Baptist Church.