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Two foxes test positive for rabies near Fort Worth

Tarrant County Public Health recommends people in Benbrook avoid contact with wild animals and with dogs or cats you do not know
Credit: Nathan Anderson (Unsplash)

BENBROOK, Texas — Two foxes have tested positive for rabies near Fort Worth, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

The Benbrook Animal Control in Benbrook, which is about 10 miles southwest of Fort Worth, picked up two foxes that tested positive for rabies. Employees collected the foxes in the last week of April and the second week of May. 

There was one human exposure. That person is receiving preventative treatment.

There is a possibility that additional foxes and other wild animals may be affected. Tarrant County Public Health recommends people in Benbrook do the following:

  • Avoid contact with wild animals and with dogs or cats you do not know 
  • Do not approach strange dogs or cats
  • Make sure your pets are vaccinated to protect them and you
  • Restrain your pets, do not allow them to roam
  • Do not touch sick or injured animals.

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Additionally, people can report wild animals that seem friendly, tame, acting unusual, or sick to Benbrook animal control at 817-249-1610, which is the police non-emergency line.

If someone is bitten by an animal, they should report the bite to Benbrook animal control and seek care from a physician. 

A rabies exposure is defined as an animal bite that breaks the skin or exposure of broken skin or mucous membranes to saliva or cerebrospinal fluid.

The State of Texas requires that dogs and cats be vaccinated against rabies by four months of age. A licensed veterinarian must administer the vaccination.  

Although not required by law, Tarrant County Public Health says it is recommended that livestock (especially those that have frequent contact with humans), domestic ferrets and wolf-dog hybrids be vaccinated against rabies. 

For more information, you can visit https://www.dshs.texas.gov/idcu/disease/rabies/vaccine/pets/

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