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Texas Supreme Court denies hospital motion to expedite Tinslee Lewis case

Tinslee Lewis has been hospitalized since birth with grave lung and heart problems. Cook Children's requested an expedited ruling in the fight over the baby's care.
Credit: Courtesy photo
Tinslee Lewis on her first birthday on Feb. 1.

The Texas Supreme Court has denied Cook Children's Medical Center's motion to expedite a ruling in the Tinslee Lewis case. 

In September, attorneys for Cook Children's asked the Supreme Court to make a ruling soon because the health condition of Tinslee continues to worsen, according to a supplement to an emergency motion filed.

Tinslee will be allowed to stay on life support until the case goes to trial, in which Texas' 10-day rule will be argued. 

Tinslee has been hospitalized since her birth in February 2019. She was born with grave lung and heart problems and remains hooked up to machines to help her breathe and eat.  

For months, Cook Children's and Tinslee's family has battled over the baby's medical care. Cook Children's said Tinslee's condition will not improve and she cannot survive without medical intervention. Her family wants her to remain under medical care. 

"Cook's recent court filings don't tell the truth about my little girl’s condition and show Cook's will say anything to have my daughter’s life ended," Tinslee's mother said earlier this month.

No other hospital has volunteered to take Tinslee as a patient. 

In court documents filed last month, doctors and nurses said Tinslee cannot eat solid food, has one to two teeth, and cannot cry due to the medicine and treatment the hospital has been court-ordered to continue.

The hospital has requested to end care since November of last year. 

Cook Children's had hoped to expedite the review process from the Supreme Court of Texas because of Tinslee's "ongoing, daily agony." However, the petition was denied Friday, according to court records. 

At the beginning of October, Tinslee's mother disputed those claims made by the hospital and said they "don't tell the truth" about her daughter's condition. 

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Tinslee is isolated and alone 99% of the time, except for medical staff, the court documents said 

However, Trinity Lewis said those claims are false and that she visits her daughter every chance she gets. She also said she has fought the hospital on which relatives can visit Tinslee.   

In April, Cook Children's implemented a policy of only one caregiver per patient due to COVID-19 precautions. The limit was adjusted to two caregivers per patient at the beginning of October.