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Watch this Denton County dad turn his two-car garage into an impressive haunted house

Jonathan Perry spent at least two months planning turning his own home into the talk of the neighborhood.

DENTON COUNTY, Texas — Most neighborhoods on Halloween night keep it casual. 

Families turn the porch light on or off to signal trick-or-treating kids that their house is open for official candy business. 

Some homes throw up the cobwebs, maybe a few inflatables. 

And if you hit a house that's really festive, you'll get all of the above plus a homeowner that takes their candy dispensing duties seriously and partakes in full costume. 

But Jonathan Perry is in a league of his own. 

The Denton County father of five lives with his fiancée in Savannah, which is just west of Prosper. 

And since the first week of August, he has been Frankensteining his home into a Halloween masterpiece. 

The colossal effort is all about having fun with his family — and bragging rights on the block, of course. 

"This is pretty much what everyone in the neighborhood is talking about," Perry said. "It's great." 

In his front yard, Perry has 16 separate high-end clown animatronics that all move and say different things. 

He has a booth where a real live fortune teller gives readings, and creepy lights shining towards the house. 

Perry calls it all the Savannah Psycho Circus. 

"We just want kids to see something that they're not going to see every day," Perry said. "They're not going to walk up and see some guy in his penny loafers handing out a nickel Snickers.

"They're going to have an experience." 

The crème de la crème is inside Perry's two-car garage. From the lip of the garage to the back wall, Perry worked with his fiancée and mother to make a haunted funhouse maze. 

Thirteen scare actors fit inside and jump out at certain turns. Yeah, 13 of them. In a two-car garage. It's pretty remarkable. 

Most of the actors include Perry's kids, family, and friends. 

"This is just all of us doing this for the love of Halloween," Perry said. 

This is the second Halloween where Perry has gone all out for the holiday. But this is the first year with a maze. 

"We're expecting around 500 kids come Halloween," Perry said. "Last year we had about 350 and we didn't have the funhouse." 

More importantly, to come get some candy or go through the maze, it doesn't cost anything.

Perry said his main inspiration for being the cool house on the block comes from a childhood memory. 

"I remember trick-or-treating and seeing a grown man dressed up as Beetlejuice," Perry said. "He scared the crap out of me — but I kept thinking how cool it was that adults can have fun on Halloween too." 

If you're interested in swinging by the Savannah Psycho Circus, the address is 717 Wilmington in Savannah. 

The funhouse will be taking visitors four at a time starting at 5:30 p.m. Halloween night. 

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