From the looks of the activity at the Hutton Peach Farm, the popular summer fruit would appear to be having a banner year.

On Thursday, the farm’s store was filled with half-bushel boxes of peaches and workers were restocking the shelves almost as quickly as a box went out the front door.

Just in the past week, workers picked 1,600 boxes of one variety of peaches and 1,000 boxes of another. And one variety, the Bounty peach, will grow to nearly a pound.

Jay Hutton said this year’s crop may last all the way until Labor Day.

“It’s been a great year,” Hutton said “We’ve had multiple varieties that all set this year.”

That’s far better than the rest of Texas, where peaches are scarce or nonexistent.

Growing peaches in Texas isn’t easy.

If the crop isn’t hurt by a late freeze, it can be damaged by a spring hailstorm. This year, the issue was the nonexistent winter.

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