DALLAS -- Police on patrol near White Rock Lake have had several run-ins with a pot-bellied pig, so many that his owner readily admits his ‘Bacon” might be in need of a new home.

Bacon, that’s the pig’s name, has escaped from his backyard near White Rock Drive at least 10 times. Sometimes he’s been found by neighbors. Sometimes he’s wandered back on his own, and three times he’s run into Dallas Police Sgt. Michael Mata.

"Me and Bacon, hanging out,” Mata says in a video selfie with the pig. “What do you say Bacon? You want to come peacefully?"

"Well, look who's out again,” he says in a second cell phone video. “It's a pig standoff. How am I gonna get handcuffs on this little joker,” he says. “Come on Bacon, wanna get in the car?”

"I got backup now. It's on,” Mata says in a third video when a second officer arrives. “Pig, your days are numbered,” he jokes.

"Basically he's pushing himself out through the bottom of the fence line,” said Bacon’s owner Keith Brooks who says the pig is smart enough, and strong enough, to push landscape rocks out of the way at the bottom of his backyard fence.

"And that's how he's been escaping." Brooks said. "I'd heard that pigs make great pets. I'd always kind of wanted one."

"Officer Mata is absolutely incredible,” he said thanking the Sgt. for his patience. But Brooks, after getting a citation this past week from an animal control officer, has decided it's time to let the pot-bellied go to someone else's happy home - a home with a better fence.

But he makes the offer, with one strict requirement.

"I'm just looking for somebody that's not going to cook him,” he laughed.

Keith's white van in his driveway is filled with irony. He's a caterer and one of his specialties is smoked bacon candy.

And to clarify, he makes that smoked bacon candy from raw bacon he buys at the store.

"When I go and buy my bacon, I'm not looking at....my Bacon,” he said gesturing to his pet.

So, if you're looking for a pet, a pet with a taste for adventure, Bacon is looking for a new home. Just act fast before he makes a break for it again.