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TGI Texas: Meet the woodworking group providing light in dark times as 'angels on earth'

This North Texas group makes urns and caskets for families overwhelmed by the cost to bury a loved one.

The volunteers at CCC Woodworking Ministries aren't just creating another table or cheeseboard-- they use their skills to help people at a time when they are most vulnerable.

The group was founded by Jim James. 

"The opportunity presented itself to help a family that needed a casket," his wife, Karen James, said. "The men said, 'Well, we can do that. So it’s their love of Christ, and their love of woodworking that started this.”

They make urns and caskets for families overwhelmed by the cost to bury a loved one.

Karen James never imagined, though, that she would be on the other side of that valuable work so soon.

Her husband Jim was buried in one of the custom creations he helped build after he died suddenly due to a fatal woodworking accident.

The group still gathers every weekend in the workshop Jim had in the couple's backyard.

Members of the group explained that being able to help someone during their bereavement period is very special for them.  

About 100 hours goes into making each casket, they said. 

The group is spreading its mission through its Facebook page, where they've had posts shared around the world spreading their message of support.

They've even heard from people across the globe who want to start similar ministries.

Karen James said she’s been blessed by the group and the work they do, just like so many others. 

The group takes donations to help them buy the wood for the caskets. You can learn more about them here

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