LONGVIEW, Texas — Beginning Aug. 1, University Interscholastic League marching band students will need to pass a physical entering their first and third years of high school to participate.

The new rule also applies to any seventh- or eighth-grade student participating in marching band.

Aaron Turner, band director at Pine Tree High School, said despite some resistance surrounding the new rule, he believes it’s a positive change that can help students.

“This is just another way for us to look at and see if our students are healthy and are they healthy enough to be on the marching fields,” he said. “The physicals can open up ways to help our students in ways we didn’t know before.”

Turner said he sees the new rule as the UIL finally catching up to what band directors and students do.

Chris Brannan, band director at Mineola High School says that safety of the students is the number one priority and that includes their health. He went on to say that marching band is physically tiring and his students exercise on top of their practice to make sure they are in top physical form for the performance. 

A marching band student says her arms are always tired after practice. 

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