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UT/TT poll: Majority of Texans support COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates

A majority of the poll participants said they support mask mandates in public spaces and schools.

AUSTIN, Texas — More than 55% of Texas registered voters support requiring masks in indoor public places and schools, according to a new University of Texas and Texas Tribune poll.  

The poll, made up of a survey of 1,200 Texas voters, showed that 57% of voters support requiring masks in indoor public places and 58% support a mask requirement for students an staff in public schools.

Asking a similar question about COVID-19 in public schools, the UT/TT poll asked voters if schools should be allowed to require vaccines or COVID-19 tests for students and staff. A total of 54% responded saying the vaccines or tests should be required for staff while 48% believe it should be required for students.

The results of that question were similar to those received when asked if businesses should be allowed to require shots or tests for employees an customers. Fifty-four percent said yes, they should be required for employees, while 47% said the shot or virus test should be required for customers, according to the poll.

Results were a little less clear when participating voters were asked: "Should people be required to show evidence of vaccination at large events and activities?" 

Forty-seven percent of respondents said yes, while 43% said no and 11% said they didn't have an opinion on the subject or didn't know. 

When the results of the same question were broken down by political party affiliation, they show that 84% of Democrats support the evidence of vaccination compared to 47% of Republicans and 40% of independents. Independents voted 40% in favor of the requirement, while 40% voted against it ,with 20% saying they don't have an opinion or don't know. 

The support for mask and shot requirements come after Gov. Greg Abbott banned all Texas entities from requiring a COVID-19 vaccination of anyone, including employees or customers, in October. The order set up a maximum fine of $1,000 for failure to comply with the rule. Abbott also previously issued an executive order banning any public or private entity receiving public funds from mandating masks.

Furthermore, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed two lawsuits against President Joe Biden's administration for its vaccination requirement for large businesses and federal contractors.

Take a look a the UT/TT poll and read analysis from experts here.


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