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#BunGate18: Raising Cane's pulls Texas toast due to quality issue

Raising Cane's is the latest victim of a bad bread delivery in Texas.

Another company is pulling their bread in Texas following a quality issue with their regional supplier.

Raising Cane's has decided not to serve Texas toast temporarily at their Texas restaurants following a bad bread delivery.

In an emailed statement, Raising Cane's Vice President Tommy Van Wolfe confirmed that "this is not a food safety issue. Our bread delivery did not meet our high quality standards for taste."

The company says it is offering customers a substitution of another side item or an additional chicken finger to make up for the lack of Texas toast.

Raising Cane's says they hope to have the issue resolved by Thursday.

The company is the third chain to pull bread from their menu this week.

In-N-Out's across Texas reopened Wednesday following a 48-hour closure to resolve their white bun quality issue. The chain closed Monday evening over an issue with its hamburger buns. The company confirmed the closure was due to a quality control issue with the recent shipment of hamburger buns.

And Whataburger pulled their white buns and Texas Toast from some restaurants, citing a "quality issue."

In a statement, Whataburger said that restaurants "in the DFW area, East and West Texas, Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas" were affected, and that they were working to get new bread to those areas.