FORTH WORTH -- Texas Wesleyan University sophomore Cameron Bennett has been known to don a Spider-Man costume from time-to-time on the Fort Worth campus.

Actually, he says it’s not a costume, it’s “a uniform” he said. His real-life adventures as a superhero were on display last Friday night in downtown Fort Worth.

He and two friends were headed to Starbucks at Sundance Square to meet a fourth person for an eventual trip to a movie theatre, when they heard a car crash behind them. Two cars collided at 4th and Main, one of them landing upside down.

"And my first instinct, of course, was to turn around and see what was going on. So I turned around, and I see this car flipped over,” Bennett said. "I hear somebody screaming, so I didn't have any time to think. My body just moved, and I sprinted over to the car."

"It wasn't surprising when I saw him running over there. It was 'Yeah, there goes Cam,'” said friend Qualon Gray.

"I look over, and I see Cam sprint. I've never seen someone run so fast,” said friend Marissa Quintanilla. "As soon as I turned around, he was already halfway there."

"I heard the lady saying she needed the door to be unlocked, and she couldn't unlock the doors. So I kept pulling until I eventually ripped the door open, and then grabbed the lady and her boyfriend and pulled them out of the car,” Bennet said.

Once the trio made it to Starbucks, they told friend Calvin Johnson what happened.

"This is my second year knowing Cameron and if there's anybody who ever wanted to be a hero, it's him,” Johnson said.

"But in the moment I didn't think. I was like, 'Somebody needs my help. I have to help these people.' So you just move,” said Bennett.

"What he did didn't surprise me at all,” added Quintanilla. “Because that's the kind of person he is."

The kind of person he is, began with being an Eagle Scout. He believes in service. And then, there's the Spider-Man emblem on the shirt he was wearing when we met him on campus a few days later.

"And it's funny to me because he looks up to all these superheroes and stuff. But like he is one himself,” said Quintanilla.

Yes, the 19-year-old who became a real hero often keeps his Spider-Man “uniform” in his school backpack.

"I don't think people understand the magnitude what it means to be Spider-Man on this campus,” he joked.

"It could have been a lot worse,” he said from behind his mask. “What if I had this on and ran up and helped people? Then imagine what they would have thought,” he laughed.

The people in the overturned car had only minor injuries. Fort Worth Police are investigating and told WFAA the other driver, also not seriously injured, stayed at the scene.

As for Cameron he's glad he could help, Superhero or not.

"Somebody needed my help. It doesn't matter who they are or what they look like. But the fact that we have people that need help we have to go and help them. That's my responsibility as a citizen," Bennett said. "If somebody needs your help, you go out and you help them."

By the way, Cameron told us he plans to be a Criminal Justice major with an emphasis in computer science. This superhero thing might be in his blood after all.