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Texas Outdoors: Spotting our feathered friends along the San Antonio river

Every year bird watchers make their annual pilgrimage to Texas, and San Antonio is their mecca!

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Its absolutely amazing what you will see, if you really take you time, open your eyes and look. A White Eyed Vireo, Pyrrhuloxia or perhaps a rare sighting of a Painted Bunting.

There is more wildlife along the San Antonio river than you ever imagined, and that's just within the San Antonio city limits. "Its the perfect place to be in Texas", says Avian Specialist Martin Reid.

 "We have been looking at the birds here to try to understand whether our efforts at restoring this river are working. Are we actually providing that habitat for birds and so the data we’ve collected as part of this study are telling us, yes we are providing for a wide variety of birds."

Right now Reid, a London, England native is serving as a consultant for the San Antonio River Authority, on that assessment project. He says its a perfect opportunity to combine work and his passion.

San Antonio is a key destination for birders from all over the country and world, and the fact you can find more than 670 species in the area make the San Antonio river a great stop.

The concrete walk and bike trails make it easily accessible, and the fact one of those walkways is minutes from so many hotels downtown is a bonus. Over the next Month the paths will be packed with birders.

This time of year is the time to be here too, as many birds are migrating north from their winter stay in South America. If you would like to checkout the birding along the San Antonio river, click here

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