WACO — It’s been a year since nine people were killed and 20 injured as rival bikers from the Banditos and the Cossacks rumbled at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant.

After all the bloodshed, one man says the biker war is still going on.

The self-proclaimed aspiring Cossack visited the site of the melee Tuesday. He declined to give his name and he disguised his face with a bandana because he said he felt "threatened [by] The Banditos." He predicts the ongoing biker feud could lead to more deaths.

"It may come sooner than anyone expected," he said.

That’s got to be an unwelcome pronouncement for prosecutors in McClennan County, who are still swamped. After last year’s mass gun and knife fight, more than 170 people at the scene were cuffed and charged with organized crime. Most of them have since been indicted, but no one has gone to trial.

“It’s preposterous," said defense attorney Paul Looney. "If a person is charged with a crime in this country they have a right to a speedy process if they want one.”

Defense attorneys have been crying foul and lawsuits have been filed over the handling of cases.

“There is nothing like it that I have seen before," added defense attorney Abigail Anastasio. "It’s extraordinarily unique so the litigation is going to be unique.”

Tuesday she formally filed paperwork asking the court to remove some of the prosecutors working on the cases to be removed. She argues that they had so much say at the scene of the investigation last year that they should be subject to questioning just like witnesses. The McLennan County District Attorney’s Office didn’t return a call for comment on this story.

Fellow bikers also used the anniversary to air their grievances. The Council of Clubs held a news conference in Round Rock, with a spokesman decrying the mass arrests and criminal charges after the incident.

“Free societies do not round up masses of innocent bystanders in hopes of identifying the guilty," the spokesman said.

Some bikers say they have a sense that law enforcement has been increasingly profiling bikers in the wake of the Waco incident.