DALLAS – As millions of people spend the week traveling for Thanksgiving, about 250,000 of them will be traveling by air.

Dallas Love Field and the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport were busy on Wednesday as travelers made their way to meet their loved ones for the holiday.

Administrators at Dallas Love Field say extra staff is on hand this holiday travel season. They are making sure things run smoothly. DFW workers say they predict holiday travel has increased three-percent from last year.

The lines at security checkpoints have been packed at times throughout the day. The lines, however, are moving quickly and without many delays.

As airport staff prepares for another busy rush of travelers, they want people to know there is plenty of parking at Dallas Love Field. They are urging travelers to allow extra time to find a parking spot.

If you are flying out Thanksgiving day, airport staff says it should be a breeze, since there will not be many people flying.

Saturday night and Sunday is expected to be very busy across airports. That is when many people are scheduled for return trips home.

One more thing… if you are the family cook and planning to travel by air, TSA says you are allowed to pack your Thanksgiving meal in your checked or carry-on luggage. Yes, that means your turkey, solid vegetables, cakes, and pies can travel with you.

To confirm what items are allowed on the plane, you can check the TSA website.