As North Texas continues to care for evacuees Hurricane Harvey created -- so do the volunteers for the thousands of displaced animals.

"It's a great end result saying, here's life after the storm, Harvey," said Erich Newpert of the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center.

For Erich Newpert the proof is in the pictures. A Hawk, fittingly named, Harvey is released in North Texas after surviving the storm in Houston.

"Harvey represented for a lot of people, in this case, a second chance for wildlife among all the destruction that occurred for something positive to come out," Newpert said.

Newpert says his nonprofit is the only in North Texas that specializes in birds of prey -- Harvey's release was just the beginning. Newpert and his staff are now caring for a half dozen raptors displaced from the storm.

"I have not seen this many displaced birds and animals from one event like this -- we get quite a few big storms here in North Texas but for what hurricane Harvey did I haven't seen this kind of widespread issue," Newpert said.

"When you get big storms like this, 100 mph winds and lots of rain and everything birds show up in places where they normally wouldn't be found," Newpert said.