HOUSTON – Former President George H.W. Bush has continued to improve in the intensive care unit and is now breathing well "without any mechanical assistance," said the family spokesman on Saturday.

Jim McGrath, the family spokesman, said President Bush will remain in ICU a few more days for observation. Former First Lady Barbara Bush, who was also recently admitted to the hospital, could be discharged as early as tomorrow.

Saturdays' press release stated, "his spirits are high, and he is looking forward to getting back to a regular schedule." It was even said that he called his office Friday evening to check on his staff.

Bush was extubated in the intensive care unit at Houston Methodist Hospital on Friday. He watched the inauguration with his family in the hospital.

"President Bush is comfortable and watching inauguration coverage together with Mrs. Bush, their son Neil and daughter-in-law Maria. President Bush will remain in the ICU for observation."

Their son, former President George W. Bush, posted online that prayers are working and his parents are "doing much better."

George W. and his wife Laura both arrived at Friday's inauguration on the elder Bush's behalf.

The 41st President was hospitalized last Saturday with pneumonia. On Wednesday, doctors had to sedate and intubate him to clear his airway.

Earlier this week, Barbara Bush was diagnosed with a case of bronchitis after being hospitalized as a "precaution after experiencing fatigue and coughing."

On Friday afternoon, McGrath said both Bushes showed signs of recovery.

"Mrs. Bush is starting to come off the medicine that she was being administered for her Bronchitis and the President had the breathing tube that they had inserted as a precaution to help protect his airway, that was removed and he is breathing on his own," said McGrath.

McGrath also said the Former First Lady has been checking in on her husband.

"Mrs. Bush just loves the fact that she can just drop in on him, but it's sweet... they are two people but they're one," said McGrath.

They both have the same mission on their mind, a little incentive you might say to speed up their recovery.

"George and Barbara Bush want to not only watch the Super Bowl, they want to go to the Super Bowl and George Bush is the most goal oriented person. Once he sets himself to a goal, he gets there, so two weeks from Sunday, let's see where he is," said McGrath.

President Bush, 92, was moved to ICU Wednesday morning to "address an acute respiratory problem stemming from pneumonia."

The former president had to have a procedure to "protect and clear his airway," said McGrath. It required sedation and was the first time the president had ever been intubated.

Bush 41 was initially admitted to Methodist in the Texas Medical Center on Saturday for shortness of breath.

Former Secretary of State James Baker and his wife Susan visited the couple Wednesday night. McGrath added that they are “deeply appreciative for the wonderful care they are receiving – as well as the prayers and good wishes from far and wide.”

"There's not a lot of money to be made betting against George Bush. You can't keep a good man down and he's the epitome of that," he said."It's a serious situation, he's 92, he's got pneumonia, he's in the ICU. But again, you don't vote against George Bush."

Neil Bush, their son who lives in town, has been to visit. President Bush's condition was looking so good earlier this week, his son Jeb, who was teaching at Texas A&M, decided to return to Florida.