It's the most devastating fire in California history. The city of Paradise is gone.

"We started driving out and once we passed my grandpa's house there was fire everywhere,” Jaelyn Morgan said.

Dale Morgan and his daughter Jaelyn’s home burned to the ground.

Before the fire, the house had Dallas Cowboys flags flying outside.

Now the home is in ashes.

"Lost everything,” Dale Morgan said.

Jaelyn's school burned down and so did her grandfather's home.

"We saw his whole neighborhood burn and we were on our way out and we heard there were only 3 buildings left in whole neighborhood," Jaelyn Morgan said.

Dale Morgan was at work in San Francisco when the evacuation order was given. Jaelyn was in Paradise with her mom. She called her dad just before she evacuated.

"She said, 'Dad, dad what do you want.' I said 'I don't want anything just go, just go,'” Morgan said.

Jaelyn grabbed some trophies and pictures.

"I kept asking him if he wanted anything out of the Cowboys room or something really important,” Jaelyn Morgan said.

And then Dale remembered the box in his bedroom.

"I remembered the tickets were on the desk and I was like, 'Grab the tickets.'"

One of the few things Jaelyn saved were their tickets to the Cowboys Thanksgiving game against the Redskins.

Dale has been a Cowboys fan since he was a little boy.

He even took his daughter to training camp in Oxnard.

He dreamed that one day he would see the Cowboys play at AT&T Stadium.

The two are now in Texas and ready for the game.

"Hopefully we can just enjoy the game, enjoy the day and not think about home because it's going to be a tough road when we get back home,” Morgan said.

Even though they lost everything, Dale said it's the best Thanksgiving ever.

“Of all the Thanksgivings this is probably the most thankful I am because we are out and we are safe and we are out of the smoke and going to watch our team play."