CRYSTAL CITY -- Imagine waking up, turning on your faucet, and seeing black liquid pour out.

That is what happened to Crystal City residents on Thursday morning.

Now they are under a boil water notice because of this black water.

Residents who say they got no warning from the city.

The boil water notice in Crystal City is still in effect. On Thursday, a citizen could pick up a notice at city hall or find it on Facebook, but residents are upset because those notices were published after the fact.

Wednesday night, some Crystal City residents were shocked at what came out of their faucets.

"For a while it was just coming out like a light... light black," resident June Silva said. "And then I let it run more and for some reason my whole tub filled up just pitch black. It smelled like rotten oil."

Residents had to go to Facebook for answers. There, the city posted a boil water notice Thursday morning.

"They said that some residents knew but for some reason why didn't all the residents know? I would have thought that they would have gave notice two three days ahead of time," Silva said.

"Well a few months ago we had a similar issue, and they did a decent job in letting us know," Nora Flores-Guerrero said. "This time it caught everyone off guard. And being a mother, I have a elderly father, I was upset because nobody said anything."

Nora and June are aware of the lack of leadership in Crystal City, but they're still convinced more could have been done to inform residents.

"I'm more than sure there's more than enough people there to figure out some way or somehow to notify not just some residents but all residents as to what was going on," Silva said.

"We don't know who is at the helm right now issuing out orders or sending these samples to get checked. I don't know what's going to happen," Flores-Guerrero said.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says they are investigating the water issues in Crystal City. As far as when the boil water notice will expire, the city has not provided a date.