While the rain continued across parts of North Texas on Sunday, the wet weather led to flooding in South Texas, where 27 people had to be rescued from the Nueces River in Uvalde County, officials said.

The rescues – which involved a helicopter, according to a video posted by the Uvalde County sheriff's department – were made at Chalk Bluff Park, about 100 miles west of San Antonio.

The people rescued were visitors at the park, and none suffered major injuries, the sheriff's department said. A video of the rescue showed a helicopter dropping rescue materials above a group of people stranded on a pickup truck in high floodwaters.

Rescue crews were conducting a secondary sweep of the river on Sunday afternoon, but no one else had been reported stranded.

About eight inches of rain had fallen in the area, according to the National Weather Service. The weather service posted before-and-after pictures of the Nueces River on Highway 55, showing floodwaters rushing up to the top of a bridge.