FORT WORTH -- Yes, it can cost you $75 to park in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Workers for a Colorado debt collection agency are issuing $75 notices if you don't pay to park in some poorly marked private lots.

A Stockyards Station spokeswoman said landowners have stopped the agency from handing out the ticket-like notices. But two lots at the Livestock Exchange still charge $75 if you didn't pay $10 at the meter.

“We saw what was happening, and we immediately put a stop to it,” said Dena Newell of Fort Worth Heritage Development, behind a $175 million redevelopment near Stockyards Station.

The two lots in the 100 block of East Exchange Avenue are owned by some of the same partners, but they're managed separately by 29-year Stockyards-area parking manager George Westby.

“I just went along with the others,” Westby said Friday.

“The digital meters are great — people can use credit cards. But they have to remember to pay. That $75 is a shocker.”

Westby said he will improve the confusing signs. One says the west lot is reserved “8:00AM-6:00PM,” but uses smaller letters to note the $7-$10 fee nights and weekends.

He said that sign is a holdover from the past, and that modern parking signs would “junk up” the historic district.

Newell said, “We are working with him to improve that signage. It reads as if it's free after 6 [p.m.], but it's not.”

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