What started as an effort to help a woman in mental distress ended with her dead late Tuesday afternoon.

Her friends blame a jolt from a Taser. Officials suspect a massive drug overdose from meth.

Neighbors say 35-year-old Nancy Friedrich had mental problems. They say she believed she married Jesus in a tiny pond on Oak Street in south Tarrant County. Friends say she was wandering in a field by the pond when someone called the sheriff's department to check on her.

A responding deputy didn't find her.

Roughly an hour later, a deputy constable was flagged down to help. Some witnesses say Friedrich wasn't aggressive, but not compliant. They said she was never a threat. One said she did menace the officer with a log. According to witnesses and official accounts, the deputy constable shocked Friedrich twice with a Taser.

Precinct 7 Constable Clint Burgess says his deputy reacted properly and that he was wearing a body camera. He said more then 45 minutes passed from the time the woman was shocked to the time she was loaded into an ambulance.

Burgess says she was alert and communicating on the way to the hospital. However, he said she began to have a reaction, which he believes was from drugs.

He said his deputy was following an order to have Friedrich committed for mental evaluation.

"We do not know what happened on the way to the hospital," Burgess said. "All we know the medical staff stated she was having a reaction to the Norco they gave. Thirty minutes later, she passed away at the hospital. The deputy wanted to make sure she was placed on file at the hospital for a mental evaluation as the reason why he followed."

Criminal records show Friedrich has a history of drug abuse. Officials say it could take weeks for toxicology results.

According to Amnesty International, hundreds of people have died after they were shocked by Tasers. Because of the perceived risk, Tarrant County deputies do not carry them.

Constable Burgess asked the Texas Rangers to investigate the case as an in-custody death.

"We called Texas Rangers to determine the cause of death and determine the deputy followed proper procedures on use of force," he said.

Friedrich had a 12-year-old son. The child's father, Robert Colt, said Friedrich was trying to turn her life around and be more involved with her son.