FORT WORTH, Texas -- Whatever saying you’ve heard about old dogs, Georgena Dalley of Fort Worth doesn’t want you to believe it.

"I think that senior pets are completely overlooked, and I have a senior dog and she has so much life and energy, and she's calm, and I kind of just reflect what she gives me," Dalley said.

Meet Bumper, a 12-year-old stylishly dressed West Highland Terrier.

"I would love to see them all be in a home by Christmas. I think that would be the most beautiful gift ever," Dalley said.

Dalley has a soft spot for older animals, so when she learned the Humane Society of North Texas was having an adoption special on senior dogs, she decided to clear them out.


Not by taking in the dogs, but rather by sponsoring the adoption of three dogs and two cats, the most senior residents.

"The staff was just amazed, so gracious of someone off the streets to come in and say, 'I want to help the local community,'" said Jennifer Smith of the Humane Society of North Texas.


According to the Humane Society of North Texas, dogs older than seven are usually harder to adopt.

"We strive to find animals homes more than ever during the holiday months," Smith said.

Adopting an older dog does has its benefits.


"One thing is they already come pretrained, they're potty trained. They already have their eating habits, tend to be a little less destructive than our puppies," said Smith.

It's something that Dalley sees first hand in Bumper.

"I think they will acclimate to anybody's home given the atmosphere," Dalley said.

She can't save them all, but Dalley is doing what she can to make sure these five find a home.