FOREST HILL, Texas – The dash cam video recorded last Thursday night by patrol car number 243 already has more than 28,000 views on the police department’s Facebook page.

For the first time since then, we are now getting a better understanding of the story behind it.

“It’s terrifying to think about what almost happened and what could have happened,” said Capt. Jerry Cozby, Forest Hill police department.

Two of his officers positioned their patrol cars behind Carter Stephens and a buddy of his whose truck broke down on I-20 west near Anglin Drive about 11 p.m. on Thursday.

“We had already been watching the traffic. No one was really slowing down at all,” said Stephens, 27.

Breaking down is bad anywhere, but in a curve on a freeway almost became deadly.

The video shows a car flash by at a high rate of speed dodging in between the patrol car and the stranded truck on the median. Dust, debris, and pieces of metal ripped off the vehicles during the collision, all cloud up in a wake of dust that remains.

“One of the officers started yelling ‘whoa, whoa, whoa.’ At that time, I just turned and ran as far away from the freeway as I could,” recalled Stephens who was on his way home from a hockey game in Arlington when the incident happened.

Remarkably, no one got hurt in the incident. Patrol car 243 which recorded the video got sideswiped pretty hard. It’s right rear tire punctured and flattened when the quarter panel around it was peeled back.

The car that caused it was an older Honda Accord, driven by Cedric Keith Henson, Jr., 26. It had its left front wheel ripped off in the collision. Henson was arrested for drinking and driving, said Cozby.

“People need to ask themselves if they’re willing to take a family member away from somebody else or are willing to take themselves away from their family if they become incarcerated,” the captain added as DWI enforcement begins to increase for the holiday week.

The entire incident unfolded in seconds but left a lot to be grateful for. Had that Honda drifted a foot or two in either direction, this story would have likely resulted in a much different outcome.

Henson, originally from outside San Antonio, now lives in Fort Worth. He bonded out of jail and did not immediately return a message left with his father.

Cozby said Henson was given a blood test to determine whether he was intoxicated. The results are not yet in, Cozby added. It’s uncertain where Henson was going when the crash occurred.