More than 100 animals were seized from a home in Keller yesterday in conditions that rescuers called "horrendous."

Twenty-seven dogs and 84 cats were found at a home on Anita Avenue. Police were called to a report of an intense odor. When they arrived, they discovered animals in a minivan parked outside the home.

"It wasn't running. And there were a number of animals inside in kennels and cages," said Capt. Thomas Simmons with Keller PD.

The responding officers feared for the safety of any additional animals inside, but the homeowner refused entry.

Police obtained a warrant and discovered animals spread throughout the house. In a garage without air conditioning, cat crates were stacked on top of each other in messy and unsanitary conditions.

A photo released by the Humane Society of North Texas showed a bathtub full of puppies. Those puppies and all the other animals are now under the Humane Society's care.

Neighbors say that the stench from the home stretched down the block. It took about a dozen people, six hours to rescue all of the animals.

A family member at the home did not grant an on-camera interview to WFAA but said that the animals were at the property because the owner is part of an animal rescue organization.

"A legitimate animal rescue would not keep animals in these conditions," said Sandy Shelby with the Humane Society of North Texas.

Keller city ordinances say you can have no more than four animals inside a home, and police are now investigating and looking into possible criminal charges, including cruelty to animals.

The Humane Society said it hopes to get custody of the animals in court, and they will eventually seek new homes for the pets.

"These are all very sweet, and they'll all be very adoptable when they're well," said Shelby.