FORT WORTH, Texas — It's been a long day for Joanna and Greg Newell. The couple is finally resting in their hospital room after an unexpected morning.

They didn't plan to give birth on Thursday. Joanna actually had an appointment to be induced on Friday, but her water broke at 6:30 a.m. on Thursday.

While Greg was rushing to Medical City Alliance, they ran into heavy traffic. Joanna delivered their newborn baby, Alysson, in the car.

"This is it," Joanna said. "I pushed the baby."

Then, they feared for Alysson's health. They needed to get to the hospital quickly. 

In the traffic, Greg noticed a Fort Worth Police unit a few cars ahead. He honked and hollered and got Officer Ben Haecker's attention.

Immediately, the 17-year veteran officer turned on his lights and sirens and cleared a path for the Newells. 

Baby Alysson got a police escort to the emergency room. They were there within three minutes.

Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff members rushed out to help Joanna and Alysson. 

"She looked great. Crying, pink, beautiful baby girl," nurse Abbie Ebert said. Ebert is the emergency room supervisor. 

But the day didn't stop there.

Officer Haecker came back in the afternoon to check on the family and congratulate them. He got to meet his new little friend, Alysson.

This is a memory that Joanna and Greg are excited to tell their daughter in the future. They say it is filled with life lessons to expect the unexpected, and to know there are good people in the world.