ARLINGTON — It hasn't been an easy 72 hours for Arlington attorney Dwain Downing.

One could make the argument he's partly to blame for that.

Last week, the longtime attorney fired off a certified demand letter to Our Place Restaurant in Mansfield.

As News 8 first reported on Friday, the letter demanded $2.25 in damages, and also $250 in attorney's fees, because Downing wasn't given soup as part of a lunchtime special order during a recent visit.

Dwain Downing's letter to Our Place restaurant
Dwain Downing's letter to Our Place restaurant

In the letter, he said not getting the soup amounted to breach of contract and deceptive trade practices.

The restaurant posted the note to Facebook, and to say the story has gone viral is an understatement.

The attorney now says he would've handled it differently.

"Probably not. I would've been upset, but I probably wouldn't have written the letter," Downing said during an interview on Monday.

He says he no longer plans to sue, partly because of cyber bullying and threats that he says resulted from the exposure.

"I didn't put it on social media," Downing said. "I didn't intend for it to become this way. This place was rude, very rude. He put it on social media. Cyber bullies have threatened my life."

The restaurant is owned by Benji Arslanovksi. He says the menus make clear that any soup is only "while supplies last," and that it's considered free, almost like a pickle.

"The soup is great, people love it," he said Friday. "But it's only while it lasts for that day."

A standard "special" typically includes an entree, two sides and then the cup of soup.

Arslanovski also said that if Downing had just called and tried to talk with him, he would've gladly provided him some soup on another visit.

The popular eatery started taking canned soup donations over the weekend to give to local food pantries. Customers that bring one in also get 10 percent off their meal.