FORT WORTH, Texas -- Fed up with a Las Vegas Trail motel’s chronic failure to maintain code compliance, city officials gave the owners a “final chance” to clean up their property or risk further city intervention that could ultimately shut down their business.

After the 90-minute meeting, Knights Inn owners Anil Patidar, 49, and his wife, Hetal Patel, hurriedly left City Hall. Patidar ducked his head and declined to comment as he briskly walked to the parking lot. Patel, following several yards behind, was asked repeatedly if they intend to cooperate with city officials.

She finally answered, “Yes, and we do work with code and we do work with compliance to help them and to fix and address any issues that are there at the property.”

The couple, who were not accompanied by an attorney, met with two city attorneys, four police officers and three representatives from code compliance. Located at the mouth of Las Vegas Trail along the south side of Interstate 30, Knights Inn is a serial code compliance violator and the site of rampant criminal activity, city officials say.

Elmer DePaula, assistant director of code compliance, described the meeting as a “final chance” to bring Knights Inn into compliance. City officials laid out goals they want to see met. If they are not, the city said it would file a nuisance abatement lawsuit that could result in the motel being shut down for a year.

“We’re going to be working closely with both code compliance and with police,” Senior Assistant City Attorney Chris Mosley said. “I expect we’ll probably be meeting in the next few weeks with both to discuss the progress. What we’re generally after is for them to clean up the property, both in terms of the criminal activity and in terms of the code compliance issues.”

Police officials urged Patidar to either hire professional security to monitor the property or require motel employees to walk the grounds more frequently and call police if they see criminal activity.

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