All the rain in North Texas is a love-hate relationship for folks at Benbrook Lake Marina.

On Wednesday, Thomas Reynolds, an employee, was knee-deep in water building a makeshift bridge so that customers and employees could walk back and forth to the bait shop and boats.

“Last night, it wasn’t even this high,” said Reynolds. He used cinderblocks and slabs of wood to create a walkway above water.

According to Ron Rogers, owner of Benbrook Lake Marina, the water level had increased about nine feet in one week. Last week, the water level was four feet under normal levels. As of Wednesday, it is almost five feet over normal levels.

Ron Rogers has owned the marina for 11 years, and he said Mother Nature is unpredictable. He experiences six years of drought, two years of flooding and a tornado another year.

In 2018, his shop has been closed since July because of lack of water.

“It’s not easy," Rogers said. "We had to cut down on personnel and do most of the work ourselves.”

But now, he fears it might be too much rain at once. It’s hard to find a balance, and it’s out of his control.

With the levels at five feet over normal, it means they’ll have enough water until the summer. But any more rain could leave his business stranded in flooded waters.

Rogers said they are preparing for more rain and will have a boat prepared to take customers and employees back and forth to the marina.