Fort Worth Police are describing what happened inside the "C'est La Vie Bida" game room Wednesday morning as a violent takeover. Police said five men, all armed, stormed into the game room and started shooting.

Surveillance video first shows the suspects walking into the game room, located on the 3200 block of North Beach Street, around 4 a.m. What happened next, police said, was a level of violence they don't often see. The video shows the men busting into the game room and immediately opening fire, hitting and wounding an 18-year-old woman.

"These individuals were heavily armed, and they had absolutely no hesitation whatsoever to fire their weapons," said Det. Brian Raynsford.

FWPD detectives are so concerned about what they saw, they released video of the incident mere hours after it happened. There have been a string of game room robberies recently, police said, but none like this. Part of the video shows the suspects taking turns stomping and kicking one of the victims.

"Several of the victims were kicked and stomped and pistol-whipped during this robbery," Raynsford said, adding that every victim was robbed.

Vicki Tischler, who runs the salon right next door, said the area has gotten bad.

"Money exchanges, and we see pipes and needles stuff out there," she said.

Reports show police are often called to this block, including just days ago, when police recovered multiple stolen vehicles a couple of doors down.

"I'll keep coming," said long-time salon customer Sharon Wright. "But I'm going to get my license to carry. I am."

Police said the suspects in this case wore unique clothing and shoes. One wore a sweater with a clown-type design. While most of the suspects hid their faces, one of the suspects did not.

Police ask anyone with information to call them. You may remain anonymous.