FORT WORTH, Texas — Fort Worth Police are releasing new details about an officer involved shooting, as the loved ones of the 20-year-old man who was killed speak out.

"They should have never killed him. They didn't have to kill him like that," said Rayaa Arzu, the girlfriend of JaQuavion Slaton.

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Police have not identified Slaton yet, but his girlfriend and others confirmed that he was the man who died in a police shooting Sunday in Fort Worth. Monday night, just one day after that shooting, Arzu spoke at New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church at the invitation of Rev. Kyev Tatum.

"He always talked about the future. He was a great dad," Arzu said.

At the same time, Fort Worth Police released a statement with new details on the incident. They said that police were called for a disturbance call involving a suspect who had a felony warrant. Police did a traffic stop and the man ran while "holding a handgun," according to the statement.

But it's the moments surrounding the shooting that are raising questions. Slaton apparently hid in a stranger's pickup truck. Video recorded by neighbors shows officers surrounding the vehicle.

According to Fort Worth Police, Slaton didn't respond to verbal commands, and as they broke a window in the vehicle to get a better view, he "made an overt action." According to police, three experienced officers feared for their lives and used deadly force.

Police say there is evidence Slaton fired his gun too, but they do not say whether he fired first or even threatened with it.

"The question is, did he deserve to lose his life," Tatum said.

Tatum said that the incident is bad policing, plain and simple.

"You secure the perimeters, call in SWAT and negotiate your way out of gunfire in a community," he said.

Tatum and others question the police version of the story. He is demanding the release of bodycam footage from Fort Worth Police, a call that has been echoed by a Fort Worth City Councilmember. Tuesday night, Tatum said that protests are planned at Fort Worth City Hall during council meetings.

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