Every message. Every tweet, every Facebook post, every text shows Monte Wayne's family how much he'll be missed.

"Monte Wayne was a name we knew and always heard," one tweet read. "Rest in peace." Another: "Fort Worth lost a real one."

"One says, 'I don't know the mother of Monte Wayne, but my heart is broken for her,'" read cousin Shinette Shelton. "'He seemed like he was greatly loved.'"

Demonta Tanksley, 36, who went by the name Monte Wayne, was a Fort Worth rapper with lots of followers. His family believed his future as a rap artist and hype man was bright until this week. Fort Worth police said Monte Wayne was found dead inside a home in the 2700 block of South Meadow Drive Tuesday morning. Police said he'd been shot multiple times.

His family is devastated.

Cousins LaTovia Tanksley and Shinette Shelton said they don't know why Monte was at that home, but believed he was there to visit a friend.

"What was worth taking his life?" LaTovia Tanksley asked out loud. "What was it that you thought was so valuable, you had to take a life you did not give?"

Fort Worth police arrested Ronald Earl Berry, 41, and have charged him with capital murder.

Ronald Earl Berry
Ronald Earl Berry

Police haven't said how or if the two knew each other, but did say this was an isolated incident, and the community should not be in fear.

"We are all in shock. We are all in shock," Shelton said.

The family said Monte Wayne leaves behind a teenaged daughter, a loyal fan base, and a void in his family's hearts.

According to police, this is the city's eighth homicide investigation this month.