FORT WORTH, Texas — A Fort Worth fire truck was stuck in a sinkhole Wednesday night after firefighters responded to a water main break near the Eastern Hills neighborhood.  

Officials said the truck's weight pushed through pavement that had weakened because of the break under the surface.

"Three of the firefighters were walking down the street turning the valves off," said James McAmis, battalion chief with Fort Worth Fire. "And the engineer was driving, and all of sudden, the street slowly sank down."

The driver was unharmed, but the truck was stuck in the hole for several hours before it could be hoisted out. The damage was apparently minimal because the truck was able to drive away from the scene on its own power.

Tire of a Fort Worth fire truck sinks into buckled road
The tire of a Fort Worth fire truck sank into buckled road after a water main break on June 12, 2019.

The water from the break came close to several homes on Canterbury Circle, but officials said no properties were flooded.

The pavement break occurred directly in front of Jared Flores' house. The water pushed large amounts of silt into his yard and driveway, but it stopped just short of entering their garage. 

He said he was on his way home when the accident happened.

"I see water about two blocks down," he said. "I'm like, that can't be coming from my house."

City officials said that about 30 homes are without tap water while crews work to repair the broken line. Work was already underway Wednesday evening to dig out the broken section of the pipe and replace it, a job that could take six hours or more.  

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